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Past Themes

There a 2 main purposes for designating a Theme for the annual July 4th Celebration held in Montrose each year. First, is to recognize and promote some aspect of Americana that is appropriate for that specific year or to develop a theme that focuses on a general part of our history or some part of our lives as Americans.  

Secondly, the Theme should be of such a nature that it enhances the Patriotic Parade by providing a base for the development of floats that can be judged in the Float Contest. Floats are an essential part of the Parade and create some dynamic visual effects for our guests as they enjoy and watch the Parade. To encourage participation, cash prizes are awarded to the top 6 Floats picked by the Judges.


This year we want to focus the Theme on the 2 sponsoring Clubs, the Kiwanis Club and the Lions Club. The basic mission of both Community Service Clubs is to “Build Better Communities by Service to Others”. In addition, it was recommended that both clubs combine their talents and put together a Float that highlights many of the activities, events, sponsorships and programs that each club is actively involved with. One area that we both center our efforts on is the development of leadership and service youth groups in the Blue Ridge, Elk Lake , and Montrose School Districts.

Image by Paul Weaver

"USA - Living and Working Together in Unity"

2024 July 4th Theme

Annual July 4th Theme History


1978: Living Together, Working Together

1979-1987: No Specific Theme

1989: A Celebration of Our Freedoms

1990: America The Beautiful

1991: A Star Spangled 4th

1992: A Gold Medal 4th (The Winning Spirit)

1993: A Great American 4th

1994: Proud to be an American 4th

1995: God Bless America 4th

1996: Serving America 4th

1997: Old Glory 4th

1998: Thank You America 4th

1999: Through the Years 4th


2011: The Great Outdoors 4th

2012: Our Future Leaders 4th

2013: A Good Neighbor 4th

2014: Land of the Free 4th

2015: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness 4th

2016: The Olympic Spirit 4th

2017: Celebrating Rural America 4th

2018: Preserving Family Values 4th

2019: American Patriots 4th

2020: No Celebration - Covid-19 (Virtual Races Only)

2021: Thanking Our Heroes

2022: Celebrating American Unity

2023: America's Spirit - Serving Our Community 4th



2000: 2000 and Beyond

2001: A Family 4th

2002: Spirit of America 4th

2003: Thanking America's Bravest

2004: America's Heroes

2005: Celebrating Our Kids 4th

2006: Let Freedom Ring

2007: A Country Fair

2008: We The People 4th

2009: The American Dream 4th

2010: Celebrating Our Heritage

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